Step 1: get gene tested

In order to get a DNArtwork, you need a gene test from one of our supported providers:, 23andme and National Geographic. If you have a gene test from a different provider then contact me on - I may be able to add support for your provider.

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Step 2: provide your genetic data

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First you need to download the raw data from your provider. For instructions, try these links:, 23andme, National Genographic and Family Tree DNA. If you're having trouble with this step, contact your gene test provider for help.

Next use the button below to provide the raw gene data for analysis. The files are analysed by this web page, and no genetic data will leave your computer. Read more about how your DNA is analysed here.

Step 3: view and share your artwork

This is your DNArtwork. There are 8 × 1052 like it, but this one is yours.

Download your artwork

DNArtworks look great when printed out large. Download a high-resolution version to print at home or send to an online poster printing service

Compare artworks with your relatives

Do any of your friends and relatives have DNA tests? If so, send them to this page so that you can compare artworks!

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