Art, created from your DNA, for free.

DNArtowrk Product Preview Photo

Photo of a work in progress art print, mouse over to magnify.

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What is DNArtwork?

It’s a project by me, Bernie Sumption, to generate artwork from DNA. Your DNA. I am creating a technique to represent genetic data visually. You take a gene test, and your artwork is created by a computer program based on the results of the test. This is not the first artwork based on DNA, but it will be the first that looks like art, and shows how related people are - family members will have visibly more similar artworks.

Is it really free?

Yes, but you’ll need a gene test first. I don’t sell those, but there are plenty of companies who do, such as 23andme.com and ancestry.com. Once you have your gene test, you can create a digital artwork to share online for free, or download high resolution art to print at home.

I’ll set up online print sales and donations to cover hosting costs, but I’m not doing this to make money.

Why are you doing this then?

Because someone should, and I can.

Can I find out more?

Good of you to ask! I’m blogging the process of building this product, you can follow my progress here.